Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen both national and local announcements that highlight positive steps being taken to move us forward on the EV journey. The recent $2.8B in grants awarded by the US government for EV battery companies in 12 states is a tremendous commitment that addresses many of the obstacles that Toyota has mentioned before.

I still stand by Toyota and the company’s belief that EVs should be just one path to reducing emissions. There are other technologies – synthetic fuels, for example – that deserve to be researched and tested as well. Why not use all the tools available to us? Regardless, this investment is monumental and proves that the Biden administration does recognize the barriers standing in the way of a fully EV future.

Locally, we continue to feel the impact of the Toyota battery plant being built in nearby Liberty, N.C. EV battery production is set to begin at the Toyota Battery Plant in 2025, but Toyota isn’t waiting until then to begin its EV work in our state. Recently, Toyota North Carolina signed a three-year sublease for a large office building in Greensboro. The plan is for it to be its operational hub until the battery plant is finished.

These local and national announcements pave the way for a brighter future – one committed to overcoming the obstacles mass EV production faces.

If you haven’t already, you can read about the EV battery production grants, here and the new Toyota North Carolina offices, here.